Wood panel facade cladding system

Compact Panel Cladding System

compact laminate curtain wall facade cladding system

Compact laminate curtain wall system

Ventilated compact laminate is a composite plate application used in 4mm thickness in desired dimensions and shape and used in deaf façades. In accordance with the building desing paramerets are made to steel or aluminum on the frame of the carcass, the appropriate size of the compact panels are mounted by gluing technique. It adds richness to the structure with its wide color options. Another embodiment of the compact laminate façade system is the riveting technique. The system is mechanical and it is preferred for facade and interior coatings due to its robust structure.

  • compact laminate facade agraf system

    Agraf system

    Aluminum profile rails are mounted horizontally on the aluminum angles profiles connected by vertical brackets on the front of the building. Feet mounted on the back of the panels are attached to aluminum rails with adjustable screws. On the back side of the compact laminate, specially designed aluminum hooks for rails are screwed with M8 bolt nuts. Installation of the compact laminate panels is completed by attaching to the front of the previously connected aluminum rails.

  • compact laminate facade adhesive system

    Adhesive system

    Compact laminate panels are applied to aluminum T and L profiles or steel profile carcass system which are anchored by brackets to the building facade. The surfaces of the profiles to be adhered to the panel are cleaned with Sika panel primer. The primary cleaning process is applied on the rear face of the panel, which faces the profile and is ready for adhesion. Double-sided tape is pulled in the vertical direction to the profiles. Sika Tack Panel adhesive is applied and panel assembly is completed.

Wood panel cladding system

wood panel facade exterior system

Wood panel facade system

Carrier steel construction is completed. Then, on wooden construction to be formed, screwing, clip, self-fitting can be mounted in 3 different ways. Wood facade panels are 100% natural solid wood materials which can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions and which do not contain any chemicals. Wood paneling products are also used on the facade as in the floor use. Wood panels are one of the best alternatives in facade cladding. Wooden facade claddings are produced in different sizes.

  • wood facade screw system

    Screw system

    Wood construction is created. On top of that, stainless steel (A2) screws are mounted. Screws must enter half of the thickness of the wooden panel. If it is desired to dismantle the screws, the fixing of the panels is completed by finishing 2mm above so that the dowel to be placed on the screw will not touch the screw.

  • wood facade plug-in system

    Plug-in system

    On the wooden construction formed, the paper feet attached to the back of the panels are attached to the aluminum rails with adjustable screws. Specially prepared aluminum hooks for the rails on the back side of the wooden panels are screwed with M8 bolt nuts. Installation of the wooden panels is completed by attaching it to the previously attached aluminum rails.

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