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Aluminum sunbreaker

aluminium sunbreaker facade system

Sunbreaker system

Sun shading system solar breaker system : One of the most important features of the technology era is to maximize comfort while minimizing energy resources. Maximum daylight utilization is provided in ideal designs while energy loss is minimized. Sun shading systems are designed to provide this optimum rotation in structures. It enriches the buildings. In the form of moving or fixed systems, the protection against the effects of the sun serves the functions such as directing the light of day, but it is also used to create different façade solutions.

  • fixed sunbreaker facade system

    Fixed system

    Our Solar Crusher Systems are designed to meet the needs of buildings and architectural aesthetics. Profile width is variable, sun shading systems in desired color can be applied.

  • moving sunbreaker facade system
    Moving system

    Moving systems can be controlled manually or by motor. The system is designed to provide optimum rotation. Taking the position of the sun rays according to the angle of arrival, maximizes the comfort while minimizing the energy resources.

Mesh coating

mesh coating facade system

Mesh coating system

Mesh wire mesh, combining the desired function and high aesthetic appearance, offers creative designs and impressive architectural solutions. Mesh coating gives buildings an independent character by providing high functionality such as light reflection, safety and sun protection. A wide range of different weave types can be enriched by adding a unique character to the look of the building. It can be permeable or opaque depending on the material, lighting conditions and viewing angles. Mesh coating is made of aluminum or stainless sheet. The pore size is directly proportional to the wall thickness of the slab. Mesh coatings are placed in aluminum or steel frame and assembled.

  • stainless mesh facade system
    Stainless mesh

    Mesh coating is like a metallic effect with light and shade, or creates the feel of a second coating of the building. The wire mesh structures also have a safety function. It also provides sun protection and sound absorption.

  • mesh facade cladding system
    Mesh facade cladding

    Mesh coatings are made of high quality stainless steel. It requires very little maintenance and offers good wear resistance. Mesh coating provides effective sun protection. It cools the inside of the building by filtering out the solar lights and gives a perfect image from inside thanks to its permeability.

Wood profile grid system

wood profile grid facade system

Wood grid profiles

Wood grating facade cladding system; . Wood provides an aesthetic effect and natural touch to all types of buildings. Wooden gratings can be used horizontally or vertically. It is a preferred product in exterior and interior areas. Wooden grid system; It can be used as a sun breaker and deaf facades respond to decorative expectations. It can be connected to the façade by means of rails, to move horizontally or vertically. This movement in the front allows the control of the sun's rays at the desired point. At the same time, the sun-shading wooden gratings located in the panel can be moved manually or automatically at the desired angle in the vertical and horizontal position.

  • wood profile sunbreaker facade system
    Wood profile sun breaker

    Thanks to the panels that are able to move in both directions, it achieves maximum performance in breaking the sun's rays. Wooden gratings are preferred every day in many different areas such as management buildings, living areas, villas, hotels, restaurants.

  • wood grilling facade system
    Wood grilling system

    Wooden grid system; as sliding and folding panels. Stainless steel, aluminum profiles to be formed by the sliding or folding system to be installed in the wood grid profiles are functional.

Profile design panel coating

profile panel design facade system

Profile panel design

It is an aluminum profile and panels that can be produced on both interior and exterior of all types of buildings (as an alternative to all sheet coating materials), can be produced in deaf façades, spandrel and parapet areas, balcony railings, entrance doors, can be produced with anodized or electrostatic paint. The desired form on the CNC machine allows the application of patterns. Profile design system has very rich aesthetic solutions. It should be built to serve its intended purpose. Thus, it gives very successful results both in terms of exterior comfort side, life safety and aesthetics as well as in interior comfort.

  • profile design facade system
    Profile system

    Profile design system; Areas of Use creates an outfit that covers the entire structure of today's facade designs, prestige, aesthetics, functionality, comfort and especially the protection of energy.

  • honeycomb filling panel facade system
    Honeycomb filling panel system

    Honeycomb filling panel system; aluminum plate with two sides and aluminum honeycomb filled panel. It is produced in different thickness and color. The aluminum inside the panel can be used in wide-open surface coatings thanks to its honeycomb texture.

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