Aluminium joinery

Aluminium joinery system

aluminium door window heat-insulating joinery system

Heat-insulating aluminum window system

Heat insulated aluminum window system; quite widely used. It is a aluminium joinery system which is formed by connecting the inner and outer aluminum profiles with an insulating profile in order to provide thermal insulation. The thermal insulation aluminum window meets your aesthetic and technical tastes together. With its wide range of applications, aluminum windows with thermal insulation are economical joinery systems. It has rich accessories and opening techniques in the window system. Normal opening wing, double axis, concealed hinged double axis, sliding, transom, folding, pivot, outward opening systems are used.

  • aluminium joinery thermal insulation system

    Thermal insulation system

    It is a material with high thermal conductivity coefficient. Polyamide is a material whose heat transfer coefficient is extremely low and its strength and hardness is very high.

  • aluminium windor joinery system

    Aluminum joinery system

    It provides the economical solution of very complex insulation details with the possibility of unlimited forming and design of aluminum. The surface of the aluminum profiles is anodized. Color can be increased by using optional electrostatic paint.

Aluminum sliding joinery

aluminium sliding door window joinery system

Sliding system

Aluminum sliding joinery system; It is a system that makes the internal and external boundaries invisible in order to save maximum comfort and space. Sliding joinery and folding doors offer a great solution handy. By creating large glass areas, this allows more natural light to enter the space with minimal impact on the use of space. The sliding joinery system offers a wide range of manual and automatic opening possibilities, ranging from single-rail systems that can be lost in the wall to 4-rail solutions that create large open spaces and to folding systems that form wide gaps.

  • rail sliding aluminium window door joinery system

    Rail sliding system

    The single-rail system combines a moving part with a fixed glazed element. Since the glazed element is directly connected to the outer casing profile, it creates a linear elegant appearance. The two-rail system combines the same look of two glass windows, creating an aesthetic sliding door.

  • aluminium window door joinery folding system

    Folding system

    Aluminum folding system; creates the most open space possible. In this system, the glazed elements are folded into or out of a wall using a rail. It also offers extra sealing and locking capabilities. Aluminum folding system provides full automatic opening for maximum comfort.

Aluminum winter garden system

aluminium joinery winter garden system

Winter garden joinery system

Aluminum winter garden system; It can be integrated with windows, doors and sliding or folding doors. Increases the value of the space. Winter garden system can be used for indoor terraces. It provides protection against rain and wind and provides more benefit from outdoor areas. With its low maintenance, durability and features such as wide color, powder coating and anodizing options, it meets all the requirements of the ideal living space.

  • aluminium joinery winter garden roof system

    Winter garden roof system

    Depending on the design of the winter garden, the structure of the roof can be made to fit your needs perfectly. The requirements for heat are eliminated by a triple glazing system. It provides comfort. It not only carries the weight of triple glazing but also offers beams based on the weight of the snow load.

  • aluminium joinery winter garden facade system

    Winter garden facade system

    A completely transparent and accessible driving system makes the garden uninterrupted in the construction of the winter garden facade. Although it has a minimum visible profile surface, the high resistance of the system allows the large glass panel to be transported. With these features, the system's high energy performance and minimal appearance provide the best solution.

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