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Aluminium curtain wall system - Reynaers

aluminium curtain wall system
  • Curtain wall system

    Novon; as a contractor of facade application, it uses the products of many aluminum curtain wall systems manufacturer which includes functional, aesthetic and functionality. Reynaers Aluminum; it is one of the leading companies in Europe and the preferred manufacturer. Specializes in developing innovative and sustainable aluminum solutions for facades, windows, doors, sliding joinery, folding doors and sun breakers. In addition to standard solutions, it offers customized solutions for all sectors, from residential projects to commercial and industrial projects. Reynars curtain wall products have the highest performance in water and air tightness and wind load resistance. The curtain wall system is presented at different insulation levels according to the insulation requirements of the building. The main curtain wall products are CW 65-EF, CW 86, CW 50, CW60. Detaylar

Aluminium joinery system - Reynaers

aluminium window door joinery system
  • Aluminium window system

    Reynaers window systems are designed according to European quality standards. To guarantee superior quality and performance in any case, through intelligent application, these multiple gaskets provide high air and waterproofing requirements in the tropics.It is perfectly compatible with all types of in and out windows, doors and sliding joinery systems with a wide range of high insulating accessories that meet the high requirements for thermal insulation, stability and safety. Reynaers windows are suitable for different WK2 and WK3 classes against theft and provide high security. All Reynaers window systems offer a 10-year warranty. Window joinery systems consist of CS 68, SL 38, MasterLine 8, CS 24 ,SL, CS 59, CS 86-HI, CS 59 systems. Detaylar

Aluminium sliding folding joinery system - Reynaers

aluminium sliding folding door window joinery system
  • Aluminium sliding folding system

    Reynaers folding and sliding chopping system; the contemporary architecture aims to make the interior and exterior boundaries invisible in order to save maximum comfort and space. By creating large glass areas, it allows more natural light to enter the house with minimal impact on the use of space. Reynaers presents a wide range of manual and automatic opening possibilities, ranging from chopping and folding systems to 4-rail solutions that create large open spaces in the wall and folding systems that form large openings. The use of aluminum for sliding joinery and folding doors offers optimum solutions for the strength and stability requirements of such large glass areas. To increase the comfort level, there are lifting and sliding solutions where the sliding door is lifted up before moving on the rails. A fully automatic opening system is also available for maximum comfort. Reynaers folding and sliding joinery systems are available in series such as CP 96, CF 77, CP 155, CF 68, Hi-Finity, CP 45Pa, CP 130, CP 68, GP 51. Detaylar

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